fredag 29 juni 2012

One of many and a reminder

Ett kort inlägg för att önska er alla en trevlig helg och påminna er om att det i dagarna (redan!) är dags att lägga upp månadens moodboard. Jag återkommer med min i morgon och ser fram emot era också.

Vallmon har precis börjat att blomma.  Och blommar gör det verkligen i överflöd nu, härliga tider! Önskar alla en trevlig helg och skön semester till er som börjar idag..


Just a reminder - during the weekend it's time to post your mood board for June. I'll be posting mine tomorrow. There are so many pretty flowers in bloom right now. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and nice vacation (if yours start now)!

13 kommentarer:

beautifully, suddenly 29 juni 2012 08:03  

This picture is so, so pretty! Just perfect :) Have a great weekend!

camelia danielescu 29 juni 2012 08:24  

What a wonderful picture ! :)

creando 29 juni 2012 08:42  

Fotot är så vackert. I sin vackraste skrud står hon där :)
Kram kram

Lotta 8`) 29 juni 2012 09:57  

Dessa ljuvliga vallmo! (undra vart mina tog vägen.... :)

Bra med påminnelse om moodboard - får fixa det i helgen.

Ha en skön helg, kram ♥

flowersandhome 29 juni 2012 11:18  

Gorgeous picture! Love the colour of the poppy.

Moa 29 juni 2012 12:51  

Åh, vilket underbart foto! Verkligen somrigt och drömlikt...

Glad sommar till dig också Karin! Hoppas den blir underbar.

Kram Moa

Meam Die 29 juni 2012 14:43  

Vilken underbar bild!!! Ljuvlig! och vilken fin blogg med en massa fina bilder. Hit kommer jag titta in igen ;)
trevlig helg.

kram kram Malin

Sherri B. 29 juni 2012 15:01  

This photo takes my breath dreamy!

Katy Noelle 29 juni 2012 15:08  

So soft and pretty - just perfect and a lovely refreshment. The seed pods are so pretty! Is this a "Patty's Plum" poppy, I wonder? I've been looking for seeds but it's a bit late in the season and they seem to be all sold out, everywhere. =/

I've had mood boards on my mind for a week, now. I've never done one. I've been gardening non-stop - trying to dig and establish new borders - and it's been so hard to blog and I miss my camera.... I think it's been a whole 12 hours without taking a picture - eek! ;)

Well, thanks for the refreshment and inspiration!


Katy xo

Georgianna 29 juni 2012 22:02  

A magical photo, Karin! A perfect representation of summer beauty and warmth!

I hope you have a lot of that this weekend. Not sure about the warmth for us but with all the rain we have had, the garden is looking very beautiful. :)


Sarah B 30 juni 2012 00:54  

Hello, I found your blog via some friends on Instagram. I love the idea of the moodboard and posted one yesterday on my blog.
I adore your photo :)
Best wishes,

Ida 30 juni 2012 23:50  

Malerisk og vakkert!
Fantastisk fint! (:

Katy Noelle 28 augusti 2012 15:18  

hi, Karin! =]

You know, when i visit, I often just scroll down and through and look at your old posts, again. Your images are so refreshing and always worth another look. =]

and, I got to this post and remembered.... you offered me some seeds!!!! and I never got back to you, did I!?! Is it too late?

I'm afraid that my gardening turned into something quite time laborious and time consuming because of the drought and problems with our well!!! =( (but, it's all fixed now and working better than before! =])

sorry! Hope you don't mind.... I'd understand if it's too late....

Thanks! =]


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